Information Gathering

OSINT: Widening the attack surface. Mounting targeted attacks. Sharpening your tools in preparation for the next phases.

Open-Source Intelligence

Information Gathering from Social Networks

  • CrunchBase: find detailed information about founders, investors, employees, buyouts and acquisitions.

Government Sites

  • System for Award Management.

  • GSA eLibrary.

Whois database

Also accessible through Linux command whois:

  • Owner name.

  • Street addresses.

  • Email Address.

  • Technical Contacts.

Browsing Client's sites

  • Check products.

  • Services.

  • Technologies.

  • Company Culture.

Discovering Emai Pattern



  • Many email systems tend to inform the sender that mail was not delivered because it does not exit.

Subdomain Enumeration

  • We keep on widening the attack surface, discovering as many websites owned by the company as possible.

  • It's common for websites of the same company to share the same top-level domain name.

  • Likely to find resources that:

    • May contain outdated software.

    • Buggy software.

    • Administrative Interfaces.

  • Bug bounty program writeups.

Online services

Automated tools

  • sublist3r / subbrute: use domain wordlist in order to bruteforce subdomains.

# sublist3r using Passive DNS services
sublist3r -v -d -b

# -v : verbose
# -d <domain>
# -b bruteforce

# amass
amass -ip -d

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